Who is who

Robyn Hamilton

Robyn worked in financial institutions and then studied to become a Kinesiologist and Bowen Practitioner.  She had a very successful business in Central Queensland.

Along with husband Rick, Robyn moved to Gympie 7 years ago where she has continued to work as an alternative health therapist.

She has always had an interest in music but never had an opportunity to develop it.  Robyn become a student and volunteer at the Australian Institute of Country Music not long after moving to Gympie and found the welcoming atmosphere and ease of learning a joy to be part of.

The confidence she developed has enabled her to front her own country rock band “The Limeburners” which plays regularly in the Gympie district.

As well, Robyn teaches and facilitates the Gympie Ukulele group “Gusto” which meets weekly, enabling many to express their musical creativity.


Dr Geoff Walden

Geoff has been a music educator for almost forty years, the most recent of which has been as Education Director of the Australian Institute of Country Music (AICM), an organisation he founded in the early 2000s.

He believes passionately that the creative industries are vital to Gympie’s future and it prosperity, propelling a creative, imaginative community into the twenty-first century.

Since reaching the age of retirement, he has been interested in wood working as it can be applied to the making of musical instruments.  This has led to his beginning efforts to make guitars.  While he has not reached very great levels of expertise, he plans to devote more time to the craft as the very valuable of commodities, time, becomes available.